zaterdag 4 april 2015

Goede tijden herleven, met de Canon F1 micro photografie

U kunt ons enkele dagen boeken voor mei .
April is hinmiddels vol geboekt. 

Nieuw bij E.C. Fotograaf  

CANON F1 onderzoek na reparatie en schoon maken van de materialen.

To satisfy the needs for higher magnification in observation photography, the easiest and most reasonable approach is to use the microscope, which enables to magnify even 2,000 times the actual size of objects, in combination with photographic equipment. As a matter of fact, photomicrography has been the object of research for a long time and many optical systems with various illumination devices, as well as exclusive photographic accessories, have been developed. On the other hand, many conventional cameras including the Canon SLR cameras have also been applied to photomicrography. Canon has provided two types of connection hood to facilitate photomicrography. One is the Photomicro Unit F for which the camera section is fixed in position, and the other is a Macrophoto Hood designed so that the position of the camera may be adjusted. It is used together with the bellows and copy stands so that magnification may be changed.

effective in creating new photographic interests in people because of their usefulness in recording observation of various phonomena and because of the attractive compositions obtainable and the colorful potentials they have. Particularly closeups delight photographers because of their characteristic value in revealing the secrets and wonders of nature which are usually beyond the sight of people

Canon Photomicro Unit F The unit has a hood to connect the camera bod
to a microscope and it is convenient to use as handy accessory in photomicrography with a fixe' camera distance. The unit is applicable to am microscope, biological as well as metallographical whose sleeve has an outside diameter of 25mm with or without eyepiece. The Photomicro Unit F consists of four parts: an outer and an inner hooc tube, a light-shielding tube for the eyepiece sleev.E and a clamp ring for mounting.

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